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Cooperative/Holistic Approach to Family Law

 Receive Legal Advice, Guidance and/or Assistance with all matters of Family Law.


At Family Legal Ease we focus on a Cooperative, or Holistic, approach to Family Law.  The goal of our cooperative approach is to enable the parties to remain open to the option of resolving their conflicts amicably, with the least amount of animosity. Our cooperative approach attempts to reach resolution of a case or conflict at a minimal expense to the parties. We provide the parties with the necessary information to enable them to make informed decisions in their case as well as assistance with the preparation of the required legal documents at all stages of the case.  Whatever approach you choose, the goal is amicability and cooperation instead of animosity and discord. 

* Please be advised that an attorney cannot represent both parties in a case.  


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  General Legal Services

  •  General Legal Consulting Services -Receive family law related legal advice from an experienced licensed attorney.


Dissolution Related

*Litigation Representation is not an available service at this time*

  • Litigation Consulting Services - Receive recommendations regarding the best legal course of action for the success of your ongoing litigation.
  • Case Planning - Find out the best approach for the long term success of your case.
  • Document Drafting and Preparation - Have your declarations or other legal documents drafted for you without the need of legal representation.
  • Document Review - Have your documents reviewed before filing them with the Court or have opposing party's documents reviewed and explained to you before taking legal action.
  • Guidance and Assistance in filling out and filing Family Court Forms
  • Assisted Dissolution of Marriage or Domestic Partnerships - Receive assistance preparing and filing your documents in an uncontested divorce.
  • Drafting of Judgments, Stipulations and Agreements - Have your previously reached agreements drafted for you and correctly prepared for filing with the Court.



Agreements/Family Protections

  • Domestic Partnership Registry - Find out if it is right for you, what rights and responsibilities is grants and how it will effect you. Whether you are a same-sex couple or a heterosexual couple who qualifies for California Domestic Partnership, registration may provide you with advantages over Marriage. 
  • Pre-Marital/Pre-DP Agreements - Find out what they include and have one drafted for you.
  • Co-Parenting Agreement - Make sure your intention to co-parent your non-marital (or same-sex DP or marital) children is clearly documented. Though same-sex marriage is currently legal on a federal level, this can change at any time. Additionally, there are states that recognize same-sex marriage only because they are currently required to but they don't give same-sex married couples the same rights to their children as they do heterosexual couples. Protect yourselves and your children.
  • Co-Habitation Agreements - Protect yourself financially without the need of Marriage or Domestic Partnership.
  • Known Donor Agreements - Make sure that your known donor has only the rights you intend them to have over the resulting child and no more rights than intended. With the changes in the law you might end up with an unintended consequence or situation regarding legal parental rights over your children.
  • Parentage/Paternity Actions - In the current political environment it is crucial to protect your LGBT family. Parental rights of LGBT couples are not secure. There are legal actions to take to protect your rights to your children. One way to protect your parental rights is by obtaining a Judgement of Parentage identifying both intended parents as the legal parents of your children. This is not a complicated process. Give us a call to find out more.
  • HIPAA Directives - Document clearly the party with the right to have access to you in the hospital, who may receive your personal property, who may make decisions regarding disposition of your remains and funeral arrangements and who may receive medical information from your doctors.
  • Advanced Health Care Directives - Designate who may make medical decisions for you should you become unable to do so. Specify who may make End-of-Life and Post-Death decisions and limit the decisions that can be made on your behalf by documenting your intentions and desires in advance. 
  • Hospital Visitation Authorizations - A document that instructs your doctor, care providers and hospital staff about who is allowed and given priority to visit you if you are hospitalized.
  • Simple Wills - Document who will receive what portions of your property leaving residual property to your spouse or other individual. Nominate your Executor. 
  • Powers of Attorney - Provide your spouse or other individual the power to take certain actions on your behalf should you be unable to do so. 


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