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Interested in knowing which Judge or Commissioner is assigned to your case or the contact information for the specific department?           

Click department link for a directory of courthouses. Then choose the specific Courthouse and department for which you are seeking the contact information. Below please find a list of departments and assigned judges. 
Make sure to take note of periodic Judicial reassignments. 
Be aware that under Code of Civil Procedure Section170.6(a) (2), peremptory challenges are due within 10 days after notice of the case reassignment, or if the party has not yet appeared in the action, then within 10 days after the first appearance.
To request a continuance of a hearing online or to inform the court of settlement: Certain types of hearings now require online notification to the court of a request for a continuance or of settlement. At this time only some of the Departments are implementing this new requirement. The link to request a continuance or provide notice of settlement can be found on the webpage of each department on the San Diego Superior Court website. In the alternative, to notify the court of a request for continuance or of settlement of a case click on the Request a Continuance link below the specific department and follow the instructions on the court form.
 Family Court Judges

Courthouse: Family Court 6th Avenue, Downtown San Diego


Request a Continuance Dept. F5

Dept. F1 DARLENE A. WHITE, Commissioner    

Request a Continuance Dept. F1       


Request a Continuance Dept. F2                 

Dept. F3 KERI G. KATZ, Judge  

Request a Continuance Dept. F3               

Dept. F4 PAULA S. ROSENSTEIN, Judge    

Request a Continuance Dept. F4            

Dept. F6 DANIEL F. LINK, Judge                   

Request a Continuance Dept. F6


Courthouse: Madge Bradley 4th Avenue, Downtown San Diego

Dept. F8  MATTHEW C. BRANER, Judge  

Request a Continuance  Dept. F8 

Dept. F9 PAMLA M. PARKER, Judge

Request a Continuance Dept. F9

Courthouse: North County S. Melrose, Vista

Dept. 15 WILLIAM Y. WOOD, Commissioner  

Dept. 16 BRAD A. WEINREB, Judge          

Dept. 17 KELLY MOK, Judge  

Dept. 18 JAMES A. MAGIONE, Judge         

Dept. 19 PATTI C. RATEKIN, Commissioner


Courthouse: East County E. Mail Street, El Cajon

Dept. 5 TILITSHA T. MARTIN., Judge                         

Dept. 6 SELENA DONG EPLEY, Judge  

Dept. 7 ERNEST M. GROSS, Commissioner


Courthouse: South County Third Avenue, Chula Vista

Dept. 6 JOHN B. SCHERLING, Judge


Courthouse: Main Courthouse W. Broadway, San Diego

Dept. 42 ADAM WERTHEIMER, Commissioner 

Dept. 43 PENNIE K. MCLAUGHLIN, Commissioner

Dept. 44 TERRIE E. ROBERTS, Commissioner 

Dept. 45 DAVID BERRY, Judge        

Request a Continuance Dept. 45

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