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Rivka Israel, Juris Doctor, Attorney

Admitted in:

State Bar of California

U.S. District Court - Central District

State of Israel


U.S. Tel: (858) 252-2291

IL Tel: +972-53-708-8395

Fax: (866) 436-6181

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Rivka Israel, Esq.


Take the Stress and Confusion Out of the Legal System....

Our office has transitioned to be Virtual online only. 


Have an international aspect of your case that needs to be addressed, questions to be answered, documents to be filed?


Have an uncontested divorce but need help preparing and filing the required Court papers? 


Not sure how to fill out the required court forms or have questions about their content? 


Have an LGBTQ family you want to protect? I'm happy to assist. There are many ways in which to protect your family that every LGBT family should know and do. The laws in this area are constently in flux and your family deserves to be protected. Contact me and get started.


Get answers to your questions, find out your legal rights, and get legal advice from a licensed attorney all from the comfort of your home, cell phone or office. Have your Family Law legal documents drafted or reviewed by a licensed attorney. Protect your rights and your family. 

Get help with:


  • Legal Advice; 
  • Drafting legal documents: Pleadings, correspondence, forms, prenuptial agreements, marital settlement agreements;
  • Reviewing documents: prenuptial agreements, marital settlement agreements, or other documents already drafted by you or others, opposing party's or counsel's documents served on you, court documents, or any other legal documents.
  • Drafting estate planning or family protection documents such as Wills, Advanced Healthcare Directives, Power of Attorney, Intents and Wishes statements. 




With the specific intent of making legal assistance affordable, my rates are low and manageable. (Please do not ask for Pro Bono or Free assistance.)


Payment Methods available: All payments are accepted electronically and can be via Credit Cards, PayPal, Zelle, or other digital means.


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