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Documents of Interest - Newer Documents. Click on Document to view.

Documents of Interest - Older Documents. Click on Document to view.
  1. 5/5/2010 IRS Memo re: California Registered Domestic Partners Income Tax
  2. 5/6/2010 IRS Memo re: RDP Income Tax filing discussion
  3. February 27, 2009 Department of Social Services All County Letter
  4. Domestic Partnership Income Tax FTB Publication
  5. Original Prop 8 Decision
  9. Health and Human Services: Changes to the Hospital and Critical Access Hospital Conditions of Participation to Ensure Visitation Rights for All Patients
  10. Panel Judges Handout for Prop 8 Oral Argument
  11. Motion to Disqualify/Recuse
  12. Order Denying Request to Disqualify/Recuse
  13. H.R. 2965 Don't Ask Don't Tell Original Amendment
  14. H.R. 2965 Don't Ask Don't Tell Amended/Submitted Amendment
  15. Proposition 8 Decision on Imperial County's Appeal
  16. Proposition 8 Decision on Proponents Appeal: Certification of Question to the SC
  17. Proposition 8: Memorandum Re: Motion to Disqualify
  18. Proposed Revisions to Statewide child Support Guideline.
  19. Proposed Changes: Live Testimony at Hearings and Declarations
  20. Supreme Court to Decide Prop 8 Question of Standing
  21. Plaintiff's Motion to Vacate Stay Pending Appeal
  22. Lambda Legal: Federal Income Splitting for Same-Sex Couples
  23. Motion to Intervene as Defendant-Appellant by County Clerk Chuck Storey
  24. Attorney General's Statement in Support of Motion to Vacate Stay
  25. Attorney General's Amended Statement in Support of Motion to Vacate Stay
  26. Appellees Response Opposing Motion to Intervene
  27. Perry v. Brown: Supreme Court - Defendants/Appellants Opening Brief
  28. Perry v. Brown: Supreme Court - Answering Brief
  29. Perry v. Brown: Appellant's Motion re: Recordings
  30. Perry v. Brown: Judge Walker's Response Letter re: Recordings
  31. Perry v. Brown: Appellee's Opposition to Appellant's Motion re: Recordings
  32. Perry v. Brown: Appellee City and County of San Francisco's Opposition to Motion Regarding Trial Recordings
  33. Perry v. Brown: Non-Party Media Coalition Motion to intervene
  34. Perry v. Brown: Proponent's Reply Brief in Supreme Court 
  35. Appellants' Reply to Response to Motion Regarding Trial Recordings and Opposition to Motion to Unseal
  36. Appellees Reply in Support of Plaintiffs-Appellees' Motion to Unseal
  37. Intervenor's Motion to Vacate Judgment
  38. April 2011 Legislation: SB 757 Amended Text
  39. April 2011 Legislation: SB 757 EQ/CA Fact Sheet
  40. April 2011 Legislation: EQ/CA Bills
  41. April 2011 Legislation: SB 747 Amended Text
  42. New, Restructured, and Amended Family Law Rules of Court
  43. Family Law: Attorney Fees and Costs
  44. Counsel Appointed to Represent a Child
  45. Order in Lieu of Notice of Motion or Order
  46. Child custody information sheets
  47. Revised Domestic Partnership Forms
  48. Proof of Service by Publication or Posting
  49. Summary Dissolution
  50. Post-judgment Address Verification
  51. Default and Uncontested Judgment Checklist
  52. Family Centered Case Resolution
  53. Stipulated Judgment of Parentage in Domestic Violence Cases
  54. Family Law—Domestic Violence Rules of Court
  55. Bankruptcy Court Decision that DOMA is Unconstitutional
  56. Prop 8 - Judge Ware's Order denying Motion to Vacate
  57. Prop 8 - Judge Ware's Order Denying Motion to return recordings
  58. H.R.3567 – Respect for Marriage Act of 2009
  59. S.598 - Respect for Marriage Act of 2011
  60. 2011 New, Revised, or Repealed Judicial Counsel Forms
  61. Perry v. Brown (Prop 8): Supreme Court Decision - Proponents have Standing
  62. Appellate Case: S.Y. v. S.B. Same-Sex Presumed Parentage under F.C. 7611
  63. Emergency Order Regarding 2012 Court Rules
  64. EC v. JV, Cal: Court of Appeal, 3rd Appellate Dist. 2012
  65. Court of Appeals Decision on Release of Prop 8 Trial Recordings
  66. Court of Appeals Decision on Proposition 8 - Unconstitutional
  67. Anti-LGBT groups target SB48 the Fair Education Act: 11-0074
  68. Anti-LGBT groups target SB48 the Fair Education Act: 11-0083
  69. Anti-LGBT groups target SB48 the Fair Education Act: 11-0085
  70. Judicial Council New and Amended forms effective July 1, 2012
  71. Superior Court of San Diego - Significant Budget Cuts - News Release
  72. San Diego Superior Court New  Business Office & Phone Hours
  73. Order No. 090512 In Re Suspension of Local Rule 1.4.5 Regarding Court Reporter Availability and Non-availability
  74. Policy Regarding Normal Availability and Unavailability of Official Court Reporters (Form #ADM-317)
  75. Official Reporter Pro Tempore Policy (Form #ADM-315)
  76. Court-Approved Official Reporter Pro Tempore Agreement (Form #ADM-314)
  77. Policy for Court-Approved List of Official Reporters Pro Tempore (Form #ADM-313) 
  78. Appointment of Official Reporter Pro Tempore (Form #ADM-316)
  79. Superior Court of California, San Diego, Hours & Closures
  80. Tax Court Treatment of Military Pensions in Dissolution Case: Schuller
  81. Invitation to Comment W13-09
  82. E-Filing News Release
  83. Obama Administration Prop 8 Amicus Brief
  84. Lambda Legal - GLAD Prop 8 Amicus Brief
  85. IRS Publication 555 (2013)
  86. IRS Publication 504 (2010)
  87. Adoption of A.S.

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