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 Now Available.

 You can now schedule your appointments as video conferences via Skype or Zoom instead of coming in to the office. For a video conference via Zoom you will receive an email invitation link to click on to join a conference. You will have to be in front of a computer with the necessary software capabilities.


If you have a Skype account you will schedule the appointment time in advance. This can be done via email. At the time your conference is scheduled you will be asked to initiate a contact request which will be accepted at that time. Once your video conference is scheduled and your contact request approved, you will return to this page at the time of your scheduled conference and click the icon below and open it with the Skype application to initialize the conference call. If your conference call is not answered we are helping another client, please be patient and try again. If there are any problems with your conference call, please give us a call and we will try to resolve the problem.


In order to use this option, in addition to having a Skype account, you will have to be in front of a computer or have a cell phone with the necessary hardware and software, have internet access, and if papers will need to be reviewed or drafted you will have to have access to email or Dropbox as well as possibly scanning capabilities. 


* As a reminder, after your appointment is scheduled and prior to initiating your conference call you will be expected to pay the specified consultation fee via the payment link. You will be informed of the consultation fee and given the payment link at the time your appointment is scheduled. If your appointment goes beyond the scheduled time you will be expected to supplement your payment.



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