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New Courtroom assignment for San Diego Family Law

Posted by Rivka Israel, Esq. on December 15, 2017 at 2:55 PM

New Courtroom assignment for San Diego Family Law departments. 

Perior Department New Department in New Courthouse

Prior Sixth Avenue Courthouse Departments


Family Dept. F5 Central 604

Family Dept. F1  Central 601

Family Dept. F2 Central 702

Family Dept. F3  Central 701

Family Dept. F4 Central 703

Family Dept. F6  Central 603

Prior Madge Bradley Fourth Avendue Departments

Madge Bradley Dept. F8 Central 602

Madge Bradley Dept. F9 Central 704

Prior Madge Bradley Probate

Madge Bradley Dept. PC1 Central 504

Madge Bradley Dept. PC2 Central 503

Madge Bradley Dept. PC3 Central 502

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