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San Diego Superior Court New Business Office and Phone Hours

Posted by Rivka Israel, Esq. on September 10, 2012 at 3:50 AM

San Diego Superior Court New Business Office and Phone Hours.

Due to budget cuts the San Diego Superior has reduced office and phone hours, including closing business offices on Fridays at noon.

Click here to see Notice for details regarding specific divisions and locations.

While courtrooms will continue to be open and continue working until the end of the business day, all clerks’ business offices located at all San Diego Superior Court facilities will be closed to the public on Fridays at noon. The closures will also extend to the Small Claims Legal Advisor program.

Because these partial closure days are not court holidays, so statutory deadlines will not be extended. However, drop boxes are currently provided outside clerical offices for filing papers or submitting payments, pursuant to California Rules of Court, rule 2.210.

Emergency court matters such as Temporary Restraining Orders will continue to be handled until the end of the business day on Fridays.

The noon closures are designed to give the court’s reduced staff time to catch up on backlogs and process court filings. While the business counters will be closed to the public at noon on Friday, the public can still handle many court matters (such as pay a traffic fine, get a traffic court extension) on the court’s website:

Other services reductions, which have taken effect week, include:

  • North County Probate operations have closed and all matters are consolidated with and relocated to the Central Division Probate Court located at 1409 Fourth Avenue, San Diego.
  • One Juvenile Dependency courtroom in North County has closed.
  • The Ramona court facility located at 1428 Montecito Road (including its courtroom and clerk’s office) is now closed, and all case matters have been relocated to the East County Division Courthouse located at 250 East Main Street, El Cajon.
  • Six criminal courtrooms and one civil courtroom at the downtown courthouse are now closed.

These actions are being taken due to unprecedented and ongoing state budget cuts enacted in fiscal years 2012/13. These cuts are in addition to reductions incurred during the preceding four fiscal years. As a result, the court is facing the most significant reduction of services in its history.

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